Spreading God’s Word Across the World

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About Our Ministry

The House of God Of Israel Apostolic Ministry is a global ministry that is based on the prophetic way of teaching, studying, and receiving the daily bread. We have been ordained and chosen by the Lord and guided by the Holy Spirit. As an apostolic ministry, we are committed to healing the sick, delivering people from sin, and setting them free. We help those who are lost in searching for their identity.

Our ministry is different because we are called to be universal. Unlike others that only cater to a specific group of people, we serve individuals from different cultures and nations. We are an extremely diverse ministry, so we have no limitations when it comes to helping everyone around us. We aim to stay connected around the clock. This way, we can serve people worldwide in times of need, regardless of the difference in time zones. 

We are obedient servants of the Lord, and we believe in the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Our ministry carries a message of hope for people who are seeking God's face in the presence of adversity. The Lord’s love, which is called agape, is an unconditional love that we want to shower to everyone. 


“Hello! My Name is  Prophetess Latoyna Newby  I am an Ordained Minister and the chief executive officer (CEO) and founder of The House of God Of Israel Apostolic Ministry. I was born in Columbia, South Carolina, and I came from a single-parent home. I have two amazing children and four grandchildren. We are all from the South, so we learned a lot from Southern churches growing up.

I wasn't really raised in the church, but I learned about the Word of God from my grandparents. They faithfully took me and my siblings to church during summer vacations. When I was 3 or 5 years old, I already knew that there was something significantly different about me. I can still remember the time I wanted to save the world, especially the children who are suffering severely in other parts of the world.

God had already formed this great feeling within me from the very start. At such a young age, I lived a very depressing life. I felt like there was no meaning in living, and it was as if there’s a huge void.

I always had a spiritual need to connect with God. When I was a teenager, I had dreams and visions. One day, the Lord called me, and I answered His call. God has touched my life and healed me from the inside and out. He has given me the real meaning of life, and that is Him.

Since he walked into my life, I haven't been the same. Today, I live as a single woman of God who is married to the Christian way of life. I am dedicated to following the ways of the Lord and living in holiness and righteousness. I have been reserved and set apart for His purpose.

The Lord has planted a big dream within me. He has charged and entrusted me with a huge commission that will shake nations to come. My spiritual leader is our Father in Heaven. I have been walking with Him faithfully and obediently ever since.

I love to bring the people before the Lord, in front of His mercy seat and heavenly courts where their prayers are answered immediately. Moreover, I am passionate about guiding individuals who are seeking redemption and salvation, as well as those who want to become one with Christ.”

Mission and Vision

The Lord has given our ministry a significant purpose of helping all men throughout the world. With the Lord’s guidance, we will free them mentally and spiritually by equipping them for the Kingdom of Christ. We have a strong calling to make people realize that they are a royal priesthood also to help advance Kingdom Minded people to bring them up to rule nations, empires and ministries in Christ. Allow and enabling them to take ownership of their God-given right to inherit His Kingdom. We cater in all areas of life so that you will be equipped to walk in the fullness of God with no one left behind.

Our hearts are filled with the burning desire to save souls, deliver, heal, and spread the Word of our Father in Heaven across the world. We want to bring all nations back to His glory through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our ministry stands with Israel in helping the Lord guide all of His chosen children as they return to the Holy Land, the place where God’s heart dwells. This is our first great vision from Him.

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